Sunday, August 2, 2020

Best Drinks for Your Zodiac Sign

 Aries: Bloody Mary
            The spicy Bloody Mary echoes Aries’ spicy temperament––there’s nothing timid about either. The “red” planet, Mars, rules this zodiac sign, and astrologers also connect it with the blood. Aries folks are known for being independent, which ties in with the Bloody Mary’s origins. Legend says the cocktail was introduced in Paris in 1921, inspired by the sentiments of Russians after the Revolution and American bartenders who rejected Prohibition.

Taurus: Margarita
            Tauruses know how to relax and enjoy a hot summer day at the beach or a lazy afternoon by the pool. They can be a bit indulgent, too––the words of Jimmy Buffet’s song “Margaritaville” may ring true for some of you folks. Like the laid-back, good-natured Taurus personality, this smooth, sweet cocktail is easy to enjoy. Try it made with strawberries, peaches, or watermelon as a change from the traditional lime juice base (but don’t substitute wine for tequila, it’s not the real deal). 

Gemini: Wine Spritzer
Like Gemini people, wine spritzers are light, playful, and effervescent. Originally designed to reduce the alcohol content in a glass of rich Italian wine by diluting it, a wine spritzer reminds us of Gemini’s personality––never too heavy or intense. A basic wine spritzer is made with red or white wine and sparkling water or club soda. But you can personalize it to suit your palate with citrus-flavored soda, sliced orange or lime, fresh mint, or lemon zest. 

Cancer: Piña Colada
            Cancer is the sign astrologers associate with the home and hospitality. In New England, the pineapple is considered a sign of welcome. During the clipper ship era, sea captains displayed images of this tropical fruit to announce seafarers’ safe return and to invite neighbors to visit their homes to hear tales of the sailors’ adventures. This creamy concoction that includes coconut milk and rum is an ideal drink to serve to Cancers and their guests.

Leo: Mint Julep
            Leos love drama, and perhaps no American drink comes with more color than the mint julep. Think of sitting on a wide veranda on a hot summer night, wearing a white linen suit, listening to jazz, and sipping Kentucky bourbon laced with fresh mint. Supposedly, Hemingway once hurled a glass of the drink against a Paris tavern wall because it wasn’t up to his high standards. F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote about the cocktail in The Great Gatsby. In 1983, it became the official drink of the Kentucky Derby. But it didn’t originate in the US. Many centuries ago Arabs drank it with rose petals, called it julab, and believed it would improve their lives. Perhaps it did.

Virgo: Cape Codder
            The pretty red Cape Codder is a good choice for health-conscious Virgos because its primary ingredient is cranberry juice. Cranberry juice contains flavonoids that help prevent heart disease and provide a number of other health benefits. Add a slice of lime to increase the amount of vitamin C you get from this refreshing summer drink. 

Libra: Gin-and-Tonic
This summertime favorite is as classy as Libra people. Cool and clean, with the perfect balance of crispness and sweetness, gin-and-tonic dates back to the 16th century. Originally it contained quinine, which helped cure malaria. It later became known as the “drink of gentlemen,” and still retains an aura of refinement and sophistication––like Libras. If you’re accustomed to drinking it with a twist of lemon or lime, try cucumber instead for a cool change of pace.

Scorpio: Hurricane
            Of all the zodiac signs, Scorpio is considered the most passionate and intense. This heady cocktail blends light and dark rum, along with the syrup of the passion fruit, and exhibits the sort of vibrancy we associate with Scorpio. Astrologers also link Scorpio with the underworld and secrets. According to legend, the drink originated with Pat O’Brien at his New Orleans speakeasy where “hurricane” was a Prohibition-era code word used to gain access. 

Sagittarius: Sangria
            Hailing from Spain and Portugal, sangria is a flavorful punch traditionally made with red wine (Rioja is a favorite) and orange juice, with fresh fruit, such as peaches, pears, cherries, pineapple, or berries, floating on top. You can add your favorite liqueur, club soda, or ginger ale to the mix––pretty much whatever you want. Like Sagittarian people, free-wheeling sangria invites you to experiment, expand your horizons, and have fun––that may be why this festive drink plays a role at many celebrations on the Iberian peninsula.

Capricorn: Martini
            This classic begs to be enjoyed while wearing a tuxedo or evening gown, a la Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Like Capricorns, a good martini is strong, straight-forward, and kick ass. All alcohol. No club soda, no fruity mixers to muddle things. The drink stands on its own, with maybe a twist or an olive, but that’s it. Fans of old James Bond movies will recall this was .007’s favorite drink: shaken, not stirred.

Aquarius: Frozen Daiquiri
            Although Aquarians are friendly people, they can tend to be rather aloof and cool, intellectual rather than emotional, and at times bitingly forthright. Therefore, I link this zodiac sign with frozen beverages, particularly the frozen daiquiri that masks its alcoholic bite with fruity flavors. The classic daiquiri combines rum and lime juice and is characteristically tangy––just like the Aquarian personality. 

Pisces: Mojito 
            This popular Cuban drink, traditionally made from white rum, lime juice, soda water, sugar, and fresh mint, is light, sweet, and refreshing––characteristics exhibited by many Pisceans. You may want to blend in other types of fruit though, such as blood orange, mango, or pineapple for variety––use your imagination.  

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