Thursday, January 17, 2013

First Book in My New Deadly Duos Series

My new e-book collection of stories is now available for 99 cents at Deadly Duos, Volume 1 contains two tales of murder, suspense, betrayal, and astrology––set in Boston.

Hidden in Plain Sight: Art forger Sebastian Avery never learned which toes to step on and which to dance around. This time the “bad boy” of the art world went too far––and ended up shot full of arrows, like his patron saint. His long-time friend, astrologer Charlotte McCrae, vows to find out who killed him, with deadly consequences. Set against the backdrop of the real-life unsolved art heist at Boston’s Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, “Hidden in Plain Sight” is a must-read for mystery lovers, art enthusiasts, and astrology buffs.

Life, Death, Love, and Baseball: When a wealthy photographer with a mysterious past hires landscape gardener, amateur astrologer, and die-hard Red Sox fan Jessie Ames, she doesn’t realize her life is about to change forever––and not in a good way. Disappointed with her marriage to a minor league pitcher, Jessie begins an affair with the older man that takes her into risqué and risky territory. Set against the real-life backdrop of major league baseball’s 1981 “split season,” this tale of murder and betrayal is a must-read for mystery lovers, baseball enthusiasts, and astrology buffs.

I hope to follow this with at least two more collections in the coming months. Kathleen Valentine designed the beautiful cover. Please let me know what you think. Enjoy, and thanks for reading.


Geraldine said...

sounds intriguing!

Skye Alexander said...

I hope you enjoy it, Geraldine. I'll be eager to hear your thoughts.

Pj Schott said...

It's terrific!!

Skye Alexander said...

Thanks, Pj!