Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Sample

Below you'll find another "Sunday Sample"––I hope you enjoy it. This excerpt comes from my mystery novel Hidden Agenda, which won the Kiss of Death Award for best book of romantic suspense. You can read the entire book on your Kindle or other device for just 99¢ from Amazon. If you prefer a physical, paperback version, you can purchase signed first editions through my website for $9.95. I'll be eager to hear feedback if you care to share your thoughts. Thanks for reading.

Hidden Agenda

The half-ton pickup bumped them again. Taylor rolled down his window and motioned the truck to pass him. Instead it pulled alongside and rammed them again, this time hard enough to knock the Camaro off the road and onto the narrow shoulder. A mere strand of cable strung between posts served as a guardrail; beyond loomed a drop of several hundred rocky feet.

Taylor jerked the steering wheel hard and pulled the car back onto the road. The pickup bore down on them again and collided with the Camaro's back left fender. Taylor downshifted and accelerated. The powerful car shot forward, its tires squealing. Charlotte was thrown back in her seat, then against the door as they slid around a curve. When they slowed to take a tight V-turn, the truck gathered speed and pulled into the oncoming lane beside the car. Its front fender slammed into the driver's side of the Camaro, sending it into a sideways skid toward the edge of the cliff. Taylor cut the wheel hard and the car skimmed the guardrail, snapping it instantly. They careened off a boulder and bounced back onto the pavement.

"That sonuvabitch is tryin' to kill us!" he shouted as he struggled to bring the car under control.

He jammed the gas pedal to the floor and the Camaro lurched forward. Tires screamed. The engine howled. Trees, rocks, and telephone poles flashed by. The black band of pavement whizzed beneath them. The Camaro devoured the few straight stretches and screeched around the curves, sometimes skidding broadside down the middle of the road. Miraculously no cars were coming the other way. Taylor spurred the Camaro on like a jockey riding a racehorse down the home stretch.

Trying to keep up with the faster car, the truck swerved out of control. It fishtailed and spun around twice before crashing into the rocky mountainside.

Taylor slowed the Camaro and pulled off the road. When he turned to face Charlotte she noticed his cheeks were flushed beneath his tan and his blue eyes flashed with excitement.

"You all right?" he asked.

Charlotte nodded. "Do you think he was trying to kill you or me?"

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