Sunday, August 2, 2009

Getting Your Book to Readers

Your book is finally done! Once you’re over the thrill of seeing your name in print, you’re ready to start getting the book to your readers.
If you wrote your memoirs mainly for your children and grandchildren, this part of the job is simple. However, you may discover that people outside your family circle will want to read your book as well. Take copies to your high school or college reunion––former classmates might be eager to read about the good old days. Your pals at the VFW may be interested in your wartime experiences. Members of your church, country club, or social organization might be curious to see if you mentioned them in your book. People who share your love of bird watching, woodworking, or gardening are potential readers, too.
If your book serves as an adjunct to your business, you already have an established audience: your customers, clients, colleagues, and coworkers. Notify them that your new book is now available. Display a copy in your office and/or waiting room. Companies you do business with might also be willing to showcase your book. Take books to Chamber of Commerce meetings, business engagements, conferences, corporate functions––anyplace you’re likely to encounter people who might be interested in your services. Remember, having a book in print enhances your image as an authority in your field.
Always keep a few copies of your book in your car––you never know when you’ll run into somebody who wants to buy one.

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